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Tomi Davies

President ABAN

Harry Tomi Davies (TD) is the “Collaborator-in-Chief” of technology services company TechnoVision which advises clients globally on digital transformation, technology strategy and start-up incubation for the retail, technology, telecommunications and hospitality industries in emerging markets especially Africa. 

TD is a seasoned technology strategist and project development expert with significant market intelligence, research and project management capabilities. Recognized for consistent success in building teams, he specializes in developing cost-effective approaches that use technology to streamline corporate processes and enhance operational performance. 

He has held a variety of leadership roles with global brands like Ernst & Young, Marks & Spencer, Elf Aquitaine, SapientNitro and the One Laptop Per Child project. Over the last decade TD has invested in a growing portfolio of Africa-based tech-enabled early stage ventures as a business angel. He is a co-founder of the Lagos Angel Network (LAN) and President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN). 

He can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook as TomiDee