Rene Parker

Director RLabs

Rene is the Managing Director of RLabs and played a leading role in transforming RLabs into an award winning global social enterprise from the humble beginnings of a community project in Cape Town. RLabs is a global movement that have inspired replication of the model in 23 countries and impacted more than 13.5 Million people since its inception.

Rene has a passion for empowering women in technology and business and entrepreneurship. She has been the driving force for RLabs Women training programs and the founder of an innovative funding and support network for women in business. She was a 2019 Africa Netpreneur Prize Judge, a programme created by Jack Ma and run by the Jack Ma Foundation, which aims to support and showcase African Entrepreneurs. #ANPI.

Rene also served as a board member of the Living Labs in Southern Africa (LLiSA) network where she fulfilled the portfolio of Capacity Building, Community Development and Communications and is a founding member of the Western Cape Government youth development network currently focused on driving youth economic empowerment through technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rene was a Winner of the Inspiring Fifty South Africa 2019 Award, an initiative that aims to increase diversity in tech, by boosting the visibility of female role models in STEM. Rene is a sought-after international speaker with a strong focus on innovation, Living Labs and empowering women through technology and entrepreneurship as well as a thought leader who provides a variety of consulting services in International Development and Community Innovation to both private and public sector.