Ben White

Founder and CEO of VC4A

Ben White was born in the deserts of New Mexico but quickly found the urge to travel. He spent several years working and living in different countries across Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. At some point, he discovered his love for kicking around with starting projects. A lot of his work is  Africa related. It might be the entrepreneurial struggle that drives him most and Africa is where he sees the most potential. There are always new projects.

He has invested in startup projects in the U.S., the Netherlands, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, and Cameroon. He is drawn to ventures that have a clear social impact, with a particular interest in network organizations, online platforms, education, and the environment.

Ben White is the Founder and CEO of VC4A. He works on several projects which include: African Business Angels Network (ABAN), AfriLabs, Sanaga Ventures, ActivSpaces, amongst others.

VC4A links transformational entrepreneurs to growth opportunities. Each connection represents an entrepreneur connecting to the knowledge, network, and capital they need to succeed. VC4A supports the making of these connections through the core activity of building, improving and maintaining the website, a critical piece of infrastructure for supporting entrepreneurs building high growth high impact African ventures.

Ben White specializes in Program Design, Consulting, Venture Development, Entrepreneur Training & Learning, Coaching, Mentoring, and Matchmaking. Triggered by Concept Development, Business Development, Program Development, Fundraising, Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships. 

He always lookout for new projects, new assignments, new investments, and new opportunities.