Bankole Oluwafemi

Editor in Chief TechCabal

Bankole Oluwafemi is co-founder of Big Cabal Media, publishers of, and makers of Bankole’s writing and quotes about technology in Africa are regularly featured in prestigious publications such as Quartz, Fortune, and more. He is also a regular guest on National television, typically to discuss media and technology.

In his undergraduate days, Bankole’s entrepreneurial flair and obsession with media drove him to pursue several business and creative ventures that helped him develop a gamut of skillsets, including web technology, social media strategy, content design and management, creative writing and research. These competences have affording him the opportunity to be actively involved in various media, art, communications and research projects over the years. 

In 2016, Bankole participated in Playable City Lagos, a British Council/Watershed initiative with the aim of putting people and play at the heart of future cities around the world. Along with other participants, Bankole created ‘Fibre’, a talking tree that with the aid of motion sensors, Wi-Fi, and a connected cloud service connected to a mobile device, was able to create an interactive space that pulled passersby in. 

In 2011, Bankole worked extensively with Ade Adekola, an internationally acclaimed artist, to create two (2) print collections of contemporary Lagos art photography – ‘Icons of A Metropolis’ and ‘Ethnoscapes’. On both projects, Bankole wrote copy for and designed the official online repositories for the works. 

His interest in blogging began in 2010, shortly after which he happened upon the Nigerian technology and startup ecosystem at BarCamp that year. He would go on to write for TechLoy (2012) where he contributed incisive reporting and thought-provoking opinion, as well as do a brief editorial stint with ‘Nigeria Dialogue’, an online magazine focused on Nigerian politics for an audience of ‘Nigerians in diaspora’. 

Since then, he’s found and grown his voice in the local tech and startup scene. His writing is regularly featured on popular Nigerian websites, including TechLoy, Otekbits, CP-Africa, YNaija and more. Bankole also makes regular appearances on TV. He has a tech segment called ‘What’s Tech’ on Bukunmi Ariyo’s ‘On The Street’ which airs on TVC. 

Bankole has worked as a research associate with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria on the ‘Cyber Stewards project’. As an associate, he has facilitated ICT advocacy events, been a panelist in event sessions and jointly authored ICT policy & advocacy documents, including a report on ‘The Economic Cost of Cybercrime To Nigeria’ as well as policy griefs on the growing global menace of unbridled state invasion of online privacy with special focus on the Nigerian government’s growing investment in electronic surveillance capacity. Most recently, he helped 

facilitate the draft of and internet freedom declaration for Nigeria. 

In April 2013, Bankole founded, the fastest growing technology blog in Africa. His role as editor-in-chief has led to speaking/facilitation roles at technology events and projects. 

In 2014, Bankole co-founded Big Cabal Media. At height of the Nigerian Ebola scare in 2014, at the height of the Ebola scare, Big Cabal Media created, an infographic website that educated people about the disease and its prevention in a visually compelling, friendly and easy to understand way. The website received more than 1.5 million hits in less than two weeks and was translated into Nigerian local languages and French by volunteers. 

Bankole is obsessed with media, all expressions of creativity that convey messages and meaning, and their potential to influence demographics and psychographics over time. In the future, Bankole fancies he can make people walking billboards of Nigerian popular culture with T-Shirts, the one most ubiquitous piece of clothing in the world. When he is not dreaming up new designs or hunting for typographic inspiration, Bankole is probably learning French or trying to get better at playing his guitar.