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Financial Planning & Analysis Manager – Sèmè City Development Agency

An accomplished SME financing specialist, Anzize YESSOUFOU has worked for large international commercial banks such as BNP Paribas, BGFIBank, UBA et Orabank. 

After a successful career in the banking industry, Anzize joined the Sèmè City Development Agency in 2018. 

Sèmè City, the International Knowledge and Innovation City, is a flagship project of the Government of Benin that brings together higher education and vocational training institutions, research centers, incubators, and open innovation spaces.

Sèmè City’s mission is simple: Put knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the service of sustainable and inclusive development. 

Anzize drives the complex business plan modeling for various Sèmè City programs as well as the development of new financing tools to support high-growth entrepreneurs.