Amalya Yeghoyan

Regional and Business Hightech Development Manager Enterprise, Incubator Foundation

Amalya Yeghoyan – Business and Regional HighTech Development manager at Enterprise Incubator Foundation ( She is involved in technological sector developments since 2007 starting from the job of receptionist in the Gyumri Information technologies Center (  and moving up to Executive Director of the same organization. Amalya is certified in Business Modeling, Financial planning and Investments, as well as Design thinking. She also held the position of Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology in Armenia during 2018. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University – England, United Kingdom. Her main expertise is in managing technological business development and international collaboration building processes;  tech education program development and implementation with the goal of supporting the growth of workforce capacity for high-tech companies. She is also managing the partnership between EIF Armenia and Ethiopia on high-tech sector and several projects are on the way.