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afrilabs passport

Hey there!

We are pleased to introduce to you the AfriLabs’ Passport.

Excited right?

The AfriLabs passport is a service for members of the network, which gives them and their community members access to work from the spaces of the other 178 hubs (hubs would be linked to the list of AfriLabs hubs) that are members of the network across 45 African countries in 82 cities, for a number of days at no cost and also at discounted rates. Perfect!

Are you a member of the AfriLabs’ Network? Great!

Here is How it Works:

You now have the right to the AfriLabs’ passport that gives you access to all the centers of our network across Africa. Are you visiting a business center or a location where you need a business center? We got you covered.
How do I get AfriLabs’ passport you say? Easy! All you have to do is fill in the blanket with the information and we will take it from there.
Note: Request would be granted based on the availability of the host hub.

Fine print!

Every Hub Manager is eligible to stay at the visiting Hub for the duration of their visit. Also, you get the opportunity to plug into staying at the residence of the host Hub (please note that this is based on the consent of the host hub manager).
Your Startups get to visit and work from the space of the host hub for a duration of 3 days, once a year. However, an extended stay results to an incurred charge with discounts based on the days spent and also at the discretion of the host Hub.
Members are advised to apply at least seven days before the trip in order to ascertain the availability of the host Hub.

Let's work together!

One of the core terms that drives us as a community is the word “Ubuntu” which means “I am because you are”! Based on this, we would like to invite all members of our community to partake in the AfriLabs pledge.